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The story began with January 6, 1955, wherein Consett, England Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean)
was born. His Father Eric Atkinson was a farmer and mother a housewife.

He was the younger among three children born to his parents. He was very shy when he was a child, he used to enjoy making people laugh, making different faces, and making everyone laugh. He likes to entertain others very much.

When he was in school, he watched a movie that showed visual comedy which he liked very much.
He was a good student and he wanted to become an engineer. From New Castle University he took a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1975, he took admission to Queen's College, Oxford, for doing Masters in Electrical Engineering.

During school days, he was told to write a sketch and also told to perform. Till that times, he took participate in some dramas but writing is a very new thing for him. During Sketching, he realizes that he cam do visual comedy very well and can make a career in this field.


In college, he met Richard Curtis (who was a writer) and Howard Gudoal (who was a composer).

All three of them started making sketches and plays. People started to appreciate their work. After watching their one play, John loid (who was a B.B.C Producer) offered, him to take part in a TV show.

He agreed for performing in the TV show and the show was "Not The 9 O' Clock show" (basically a comedy show) and the show got success. His acting was highly praised.

He was offered a new show "The Black Adder" and the co-writer of the show was Richard Kurtis. "Black Adder" series became one of the most successful series of Britain. 

He started appearing everywhere and became popular. One day, a director, Ben Ilton came to him having a script "Cheating" and all of us are aware of this serial called 'Cheating' in which Mr, Bean does cheating in the exam, which became very popular. From this script only, he got the name of (Mr. Bean).

He started his filmy career from the movie James Bond which was "Never Say Never Again". Also, he does a lead role in the "Dead On Time" movie and works in (The Tall Guy & the Witches) movies too.

               MR BEAN NEW MOVIE

In 1997, he made his own film named Bean (The Ultimate Disaster Movie) which became very popular and he made the sequel of this film too.

Since birth, he loves James Bond and he wants to play the role of a Spy and due to this, he made Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn. He gave his voice to a bird called Jazzu in the
movie Lion King.                                                          



We've taken in a great deal from Mr. Bean and his Mini, who realized that feet could be so skilled at guiding. He's really claimed two. To start with, was a 1969 orange Mach 2, this one, a lime green 1979 Austin Morris Mini 1000.

Try not to be tricked by this little individual on the windscreen. Little however threatening, he had a long-running fight with the light blue Reliant Regal. The fiercest experience including him speeding out of the exit of the multistoried vehicle leave, it was bad news for the Reliant.

In the Back To School he, the Mini at long last met its match as a military tank exhibit. This lock is the main part they could rescue. With the 25th commemoration of, he drove the Mini around London, roosted on it in his easy chair. He also had a three-wheel car which is

                                PERSONAL LIFE OF ROWAN ATKINSON (MR. BEAN).

In 1986, in the set of "Black Adder", he meets Sunitra Shashtri, whose father was an Indian and mother, a British lady. Sumitra was a makeup artist. After dating for some years, in the year 1990, they got married. The couple had a son named Benjamin and a daughter whose name is Lily


Due to some reasons Rowan & Sunitra in 2014, took divorce. Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean) was fond of costly cars. 

He has Audi A8, Skoda Superb, Honda Civic Hybrid and many more luxury cars. 

He has a rare Maclaregan F1 car to which while driving it, he had an accident in 2011, in which he got damaged very badly. 

He paid more than 9 lac pounds to the Insurance Company, this was the biggest Insurance payout of Britain

Due to having craze of cars, he also does, a show named "Top Gear ", which was based on racing.

He got Commander of the order of the British Empire Award. 


He is called by name Mr green beans because his car is of green color and his three-wheel car is also green in color.


No matter how many characters he plays, but he will always remain our MR. BEAN only. For more Articles visit our blog.

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