Friends, today I am going to talk about Michael Joseph Jackson, popularly known as King of Pop, whom we usually call Michael Jackson. Friends, even though he is not among us today, but he is still alive in the hearts of his loved ones. You can guess his madness that even after many years of his death, he is the highest-grossing celebrity on the Forbes list.
He won the Grammy Award 13 times and the American Music Award 26 times in his music career, apart from this, he has 39 Guinness world records. Surprising to know you, the news of his death was searched by more than 8 lac people in just 10 minutes on Google, and Google's engine crashed due to too much traffic.


Friends, his life, born in a normal family, is still the source of inspiration for millions. Let's know about Michael Jackson from the beginning without wasting your time.

                                  EARLY LIFE OF MICHAEL JACKSON


Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in the city of Gary, USA. His father's name was Joseph Walter Jackson, who worked in a steel company in the USA and also played the guitar in a small band named FALCON for getting some extra money.
His mother, Katherine, also loved music and that is why from the very beginning she also encouraged his children to learn music. He grew up with his 3 sisters and 5 brothers, and then later, in 1964, he joined the Jackson Brothers, made by his elder brothers, he was only 5 years old at that time.

After he joined the band, Jackson Brothers named their band Jackson 5, and after that Michael Jackson performed in a lot of clubs with his brothers.

In 1968, Jackson Brothers signed a contract with Motown Records and then he shifted to Los Angeles, leaving Gary City and his whole family.

                                       MICHAEL JACKSON MOONWALK.

Michael Jackson's moonwalk became worldwide famous. He was the king of the moonwalk. In today's generation also nobody does the moonwalk like Michael Jackson.


The following year, Motown Records released his first debut album, Dina Ross Present, "The Jackson 5", in 1969, whose songs got a very good response from the audience, he was just, 11 years old when releasing this album.

The following year, Jackson 5 released the "ABC" album, along with Motown Records, and the album became a hit as soon as the "I Want You Back" song was released. The song reached the first position in BillBoard Host 100 within just a week.



After two consecutive hits, the now 12-year-old he became increasingly famous, and now Jackson's family had also rained money. After 1971, he moved to California to live in a 2-acre house.
From 1972 to 1975, Michael Jackson also released four solo albums with Motown Records, which was "Got To Be There", released on 24 January 1972, and Ben Album which was released on August 4, which goes very hit. 

In 1979, Michael Jackson, with Epic Records, released his first solo album, "Of The Wall", which sold 7 million copies. 

                                MICHAEL JACKSON'S - BIGGEST SUCCESS


Michael Jackson's greatest success, released in 1982, with Epic Records, came with the "Thriller" album and the album that he single-handedly won, 7 Grammy and 8 American Music Awards, plus several more awards. 

This album broke all records and became the best album worldwide, the album sold 65 million copies and was awarded a double diamond position in the US. 


Just from here, he has never looked back and in his entire career has won 39 Guinness World Records, 13 Grammy Awards, Grammy lifetime achievement award, 26 American Music Award, 18 World Music Awards, and much more similar to them.

                                              MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS 

Some of Michael Jackson songs are listed below -

Billie Jean - Thriller   |   Beat it - Thriller   |    Earth Song - Thriller  |  Smooth Criminal- Bad 25
The Way You Make Me Feel - Bad 25 | Black or White - Dangerous | Rock With You - Off the Wall
Remember the time - Dangerous  |  Dirty Diana - Bad 25  |  P.Y.T - Thriller |  I Just can't stop loving you | Leave me alone - Bad 25  | Jam - Dangerous |  Who is it - Dangerous | Speed Demon- Bad 25

                                         MICHAEL JACKSON THRILLER

Michael Jackson Thriller album went so hit and almost listened in throughout the world. Some of his hard-hitting songs of this album are Billie Jean, P.Y.T, Earth Song, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and etc.

                                   MICHAEL JACKSON MAN IN THE MIRROR

Michael Jackson man in the mirror is a song written by Gien Ballard and Siedah Garrett which was released on February 6, 1988, and the song was nominated for Grammy Award for Record of the year. 

                                                      MICHAEL JACKSON NOSE


Numerous individuals regularly talk about Michael Jackson's nose when examining nose employments in rhinoplasty. Due to his nose, he was called by the nickname "Big Nose".

All in all while I'm inexperienced with the subtleties of his surgeries as a rule if somebody's nose is worked on ordinarily and if the help structures of the nose are not regarded and are expelled excessively forcefully.

Then there's a likelihood that the nose can fall the bone and ligament that makes up the emotionally supportive network of the nose are significant not just for the corrective appearance of the nose

Yet in addition to the capacity of the nose so while we're ready to dispose of parts of this fundamental structure we can't dispose of the whole thing. So in the event that somebody has a huge knock on the highest point of their nose, we can dispose of the knock.

However, we have to leave the bone and the ligament that is underneath the knock since that is significant for structure and for work so it's in every case better to be increasingly traditionalist and you have to comprehend that the nose is both a significant restorative element of the face and it's additionally practical. So if a specialist regards the tissue that is inside the nose including the bone and the ligament then a nose ought not to crumple you.

                                    PERSONAL LIFE OF MICHAEL JACKSON                           


Talking about personal life, he married twice, the first time in 1994, he married Lise Marie, but the marriage did not lasts long and both divorced in 1996.

Then the next year in 1997, he married his longtime friend Debbie Rowe from which the couples had 2 children ( Michael Joseph Jackson JR. and a daughter named Paris Jackson ). But even this marriage could not last much and in 1999, they separated. 

Friends his life tells the long story of success on one side, and on the other side is also surrounded by a lot of controversies. In 1994, he was subjected to severe damage to his image accusing him of exploiting a girl child.

He resorted to plastic surgery to make his look better, due to which his look kept changing, however, he only admitted to having plastic surgery twice.

In March 2009 he announced that he would perform at least 10 concerts in London's Soto Arena and this would be his last concert. 

                          A VERY SAD DEATH - MICHAEL JACKSON FUNERAL  

But before he could perform the concert, he died of a heart attack on June 25, 2009 at his home in Los Angeles - Michael Jackson Funeral was so heartwarming. 


Friends, even though he has departed from the world, but not from the hearts of the people, he is still sold today, his annual earnings are 16 million dollars.

He, born in a normal family, showed in his fifty years of life that if we determined ourselves from the heart, nothing would be impossible for us. For such motivational stories similar to that of Michael Jackson read our articles to get motivated.

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